We are a turn-key solution provider to the hospitality industry focusing on carpet solutions. For our clients our goal is to deliver all products and services packaged into one simple pricing scheme with no additional design, sampling, or service charges.

The Trendline Process includes all aspects of our clients’ needs thus providing the basis for a dynamic and highly interactive working relationship. Our packge includes:

  • Concept development, design creation, and design execution (sampling) for each individual project.
  • Customized product development for each individual application.
  • Consulting on site, conditioning, and installation preparation.
  • Product delivery, installation, and after-installation services.
  • Quality control reports ex factory.

Trendline offers this service package inclusive in its competitive pricing which is notabily one of the best value proposition in the UAE marketplace.


Identify client’s requirements in functionality, design feasibility, and requirement of quantities & qualities.


Designers engage directly with stakeholders on client side assessing material, design, and color choices.


Based on design choices, product samples are produced for offering and approval process.


Client and Trendline jointly revise design and material options to optimize product feasibility for intended usage.


Submittal of final samples and project offering


Manufacturing of contracted design and material choices optimized for form and function.


Inspection of all materials on factory floor prior to packaging and dispatch. QC Reports provided to customers.


Trendline’s in-house installation and quality assurance team executes project on client’s premises


Upon completion of any project our team verifies design execution, product quality, and installation handling jointly with client for final sign-off.


Assistance with any after-sales services such as consulting on cleaning and maintenance issues, repairs and fixes due to usage.

Trendline is able install in the following markets:

  • United Arab Emirates
  • Saudi Arabia
  • Oman
  • Qatar
  • Kuwait
  • Bahrain
  • Jordan
  • Lebanon
  • Iraq