1. Are the rugs easy to maintain?

Yes, by their thinness, only 3 mm. An ordinary vacuum cleaner will suck everything up in its path.

To remove all sort of stains I recommend James Starterset. They provide the best solutions for all kinds of stains on all types of floor coverings including our products.

2. Are these different pieces of rugs (patchwork) sewed together?

No, the rugs are a one-piece woven product. Each beautiful rug has multiple layers of texture, distressed areas and intricate stitching detail to give a true ‘vintage’ look.

3. Are the cubes all different?

Yes, because we cut pieces of existing carpets to suffer as little as possible of the cutting waste. Each cube a bit unique.

Advantage: If you buy more than one of the same color, you can make a beautiful combination of unique cubes!

4. Are the rugs produced in Belgium?

Yes, everything you see on the website is produced in Belgium, in the factory itself.